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Life-Cycle Training
"The nature of customer contact has changed greatly, with customer satisfaction requiring professional communications through avariety of media, not just telephones. Switching to an entirely new CRM application to accomodate this brings a massive requirement for exptensive trianing in a very short time."
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Cost Reduction

Increased revenue production

Collateral Benefits
Reduction in Turnover
Revenue Generation-
Flattening the learning curve
Or, better yet, call us and we'll plug your numbers into a customized spreadsheet to calculate your ROI and the time it will take to achieve it!
The Research

In addition to our own experience are the results from studies down that relate the use of our several training and simulation technologies in the real world.
Why StarPerformer can make a difference
Incidence of why agents leave Contact Centers
Relieve Stress with Confidence
Knowing what you are doing is key to minimizing stress and is most often a function of Experience. Gaining experience by practicing skills and testing knowledge in a simulated environment is essential mitigating this number one factor in attrition.
Responsive to the biggest challenges facing your contact center
Table indicating results from survey on challenges facing contact centers.
Mitigates the top reasons why agent leave.
Five of the major challenges facing contact centers today can be met with the StarPerformer platform -Training and CIM.
See what's many think is really important and where you can get the greatest return on your dollar.

First and Final means knowing what to do and say from the very first minute of the first call. And that comes from experience. Delving into the research showed an almost linear relationship between experience and customer satisfaction.

That's why there are batting cages, putting greens and StarPerformer.
table with survey results showing what increases customer satisfaction in a contact center
Caller Satisfaction Drivers
Table indicating percentages in improvements when using simulation training in contact centers.
What you can expect
The impact on four critical areas that provide the potential for significant cost saving and revenue generation.
Georgia Tech Study showing performance improvements in the Contact Center
Tabulates a Reduction in Contact Center Turnover
Revenue acceleration from flatening the learning curve in the Contact Center
Hilton Hotel Contact Center Study
A Platform For Success
Select one of the following examples to see how that translates into real dollars using conservative, real-life figures:

Its one thing to populate a web site with statistics based on the efforts of others. However, the statistics that follow are the direct result our:
  1. production and use of  the first simulator for contact center training,
  2. funding of  the first of its kind study to document the value of simulation/performance-based training to the contact center marketplace.