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You can't learn how to play golf or hit a baseball simply by reading a book or watching someone else do it. And you can't pretend to be a pilot for a few hours and expect to fly a 747.

That's why there are  putting greens, batting cages, flight simulators and StarPerformer.

That means having a contact center training solution that can:


What's the Solution

What's the need

Developed specifically for use in contact centers, StarPerformer is a "flight simulator" that enables you to place job candidates, new hires or veterans in an environment where they can interact with rapidly created simulacrums of actual desktop applications while, at the same time, role-play with what they perceive to be a 'live' customer or prospect.

It is a solution that is uniquely capable of responding intelligently to what is said or done and track, record and score every action or statement.

Most importantly, it is a solution that can help your workforce can get the experience they need to be effective without placing current or prospective relationships at risk.  Quickly, safely and in a reduced period of time.

What's the Challenge
How does StarPerformer work
Could it really make a difference
Using today's most advanced speech technologies StarPerformer plays the part of the customer, prospect or peer. Newly hired or veteran personnel can hear, see and feel what it is like, for example, to provide customer support or make a collection call or discuss business strategy with a team member.

At the same time, StarPerformer listens for, responds to and evaluates what the employee says and how they interact with easily created simulacrums of their actual desktop applications and implement your business's "best practices" or policies. At the same time, it is timing, scoring and recording the verbal and screen interaction; and making it available for immediate review by the employee and supervisor.

Yes, StarPerformer simulates not only the interaction, but also the environment. 

Yep! You can see the ROI and stats on the efficacy of our technology.

But we already know it works, cause it worked for us. And, if you believe that in order to achieve and sustain a competitive edge every call or e-mail counts, then making everyone a StarPerformer will work for you, too.

StarPerfomers do make a difference.
Can it simulate an application and the environment, as well
In today's economy, companies will have to be more competitive than ever.  And with your competitor now only a click away, the need to increase the effectiveness of  your front-line or contact center personnel is now more critical than ever. And make them more effective from Day -1.
"A Fortune 500 company reduced their average call handling time by 12% using StarPerformer technology"
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Now check out the ROI or find out how it can be used throughout the employee life-cycle.