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Consider this cable company trying to sell pay-per-view services-
When the call connected, agent were presented with credit information, service and equipment records and payment history.  The agent then had to decide which ppv service to offer if any, whether there was an opportunity to upgrade equipment or if a collections effort was warranted.

With SP-CIM, it did the data collection, business analysis, and then presented a "best practices" solution for the agent to communicate to the customer.

Less time, more accurate and consistent response , more satisfied customers and better results.
Quite often, employees are challenged to work with one or more business systems while at the same time they are trying to communicate with and understand the needs of a customer or prospect.

This takes too long and often results in an unintended or in appropriate outcome.
With StarPerformer CIM sitting between  your front-line personnel and legacy, home-grown or third party business systems, it gives them a single interface to  the information and voice processing capabilities of your entire organization.

Moreover, it gives them the chance to do the job right!

Lets face it, when that call, email or chat hits the desktop agents are challenged to perform a variety of tasks that distract them from their primary purpose. The keys to frontline performance are:
  1. to listen and  'understand' what is the customer/prospect is 'trying' to tell them and then
  2.  to translate that, quickly, into the most appropriate and effective action and response.
Instead, frontline personnel are pound the keys data gathering from one or more CRM, home grown or legacy systems, then squint to analyze the gathered data and then attempt to synthesize a best response. Add to that the possible need to rebut a objection while trying to mollify the customer without violating corporate policy.
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