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StarPerformer's accurate and intelligent speech recognition and processing capabilities enables frontline or on-site service or installation personnel to use their personal computer to request assistance, obtain information or guide them through a process in a fast, convenient and the most natural way.

This capability is driven by user-developed scripts permitting StarPerformer's features and facilities to be packaged to meet the specific needs of different applications.  For example, scripts could quickly be written to guide an onsite representative through the installation and configuration of a telephone system as easily as those used by an airline res agent to access corporate information regarding the transportation of minors without adult supervision.

In addition to those stored on the PA resident, documents or data could be obtained from repositories residing on network connected servers or WEB services.
StarPerformer Personal Assistant
Features and Facilities
"Critical for us was PA's ability to complete a written log of the service reps activities, validate that the work had been completed and then notify us automatically"
"As an adjunct to our customer support solution, the PA enabled our reps to get immediate access to off-line documents and avoid having to put the contact on hold or call them back with the answer"
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