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SP-CIM leverages the scripting capabilities of the StarPerformer platform enabling end-users to implement logic and forms that can guide agents through the interaction processes while at the same time it gives them a unified, single point of control over the underlying support systems.

SP-CIM includes a desktop continuously updated digital dashboard or 'personal leader board'.  Front line personnel can see how their business results compares with the rest of the team-and be motivated.
How does it work
Managing the customer interaction with StarPerformer assures the consistent delivery of a quality experience and can improve employee effectiveness and efficiency.

A single point of access to all other resources
  • Interface to other applications and multiple data sources
  • Combine results into a single, cogent offer or response
  • Initiate/terminate other applications
  • Manage interaction with dialers, ACDs and call recorders
  • Record all or only portions of all or a specific types of calls or e-mail.
Rapid and highly flexible script development
  • Flexible is a word that is used to often to describe inherently limiting, point and click script building solutions. SP-CIM assures flexibility with the use of a scripting language.
  • Order, content and most importantly logic are unconstrained by any  preconceived notion of how this capability is to be used.
  • Speech enabled data/text entry
Features and Facilities
        - Employee, Team and facility
        - Customer/Prospect demographics
        - List content and media source
Performance Analytics and Drivers -The right information, in the right place , at the right time

Establish user-defined performance goals for individuals, teams and facilities.

Frontline personnel get 'personal leader bars' and their Supervisors get individual and teams statistics
  • Real-time tabulation and reporting of productivity-contact, conversion, and more
  • Real-time tabulation and reporting of business results (KPI)
  • Available to the contact center representative between contacts
  • Available to supervisors at any time
  • Comparative analysis of results by-

To see the benefits, the many different ways it can be implemented, vendor compatibility and what it did for us
See a reps desktop personal leader bar and Supervisors agent-team reports