If you know what's broke...you can fix it.

If you know what works...you can reinforce it.

If they know how they are doing...they can become accountable.

Feedback and analytics are essential to the continuous evolution and refinement of the training process. Knowing how they are doing is important for them as well as you. StarPerformer provides a closed-loop feedback system that enables an employee to modify their own behavior even before they have completed the simulation.

At any time in the simulation, the user can:
  •  find out whether what they are said or did is correct or incorrect.
  • can suspend the forward progress of the simulation and playback what they have done and said to that point.
  • find out what their score to that point is.
The bottom line: They can take responsibility for their own success and modify their behavior with less intervention from Coaches or Trainers.

When you and they know how they are doing you can focus on individual needs and do so in a more meaningful time frame.

Automated Scoring-

You can calculate a score your way...and differently for each simulation!

Simulation, duration, number of correct actions, number of incorrect statements, experience level of participant are representative of the many and different elements which you may want to factor into a final score.

Regardless, the resulting value is automatically placed in the permanent record and is available for use in subsequent evaluations.

Note:The same Key Performance Indicators used in the 'real' world can be imposed on the virtual environment delivering a consistent and universal yardstick that will inform when 'they are ready for take off'.

Reporting and Analytics

In addition to automatically tabulating and reporting correct and incorrect statements and actions, other data critical to the evaluation process is tabulated and reported.

Reports compare and contrast performance by course, section, instrutor and, of course, individual.