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StarPerformer-a platform for success.
We recognize that simulation is only one step in producing StarPerformers. That's why we provide a well-defined process that rapidly moves you towards making everyone a StarPerformer and success.

We help you  identify  and codify the acquired strategies of your most successful personnel and then formulate and develop the StarPerformer simulations that incorporate, enhance and align those strategies with specific business objectives.
Making everyone a StarPerformer
What is the process
The knowledge and experience of your existing top performers, including tenured managers, directors and executives, represent significant equity and business ingenuity for your organization.

We provide a proprietary methodology for materializing that knowledge and experience - and transferring it to others - which results in significantly improved performance within sales, service and/or support environments, for either internal teams, third party outsourced teams, (via Consulting or Vendor Management), or within our own end-to-end outsourced teams.

Our expertise lies in applying a systematic process for identifying, documenting, and leveraging your existing top performers' best practices. We map procedural, behavioral and skill-based best practices against job function-specific call and/or work flow processes.

We then overlay our years of combined experience in human behavior and performance optimization to further refine and improve upon the best practices. We then map those best practices against each part of your call flow or each task within your job function. The result is a highly detailed Knowledge Map containing the composite best practices that have proven to consistently achieve success in that particular job.

Once documented, we work with you to determine and develop best practice-based tools that will help you effectively transfer that knowledge and experience to new and/or existing employees - creating dramatic impact and impressive ROI.
Georgia Tech
Dupree College of Managment

Call Handling Time -22%

Call Quality +8%

Turnover -10%
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