In 1994, there weren't a whole lot of statistics to tell us that simulation based training was the way to go in the contact center marketplace. However, from our involvement in the operation of two large contact centers, it was clear to us that agent effectiveness was the key to remaining competitive and that as a group, the more effective agents were the more experienced.  The challenge was to find a way to transfer that experience without putting current or prospective relationships at risk and to do it in a genuinely cost-effective way. If that could be accomplished, the rest, such as turnover, would take care of itself.
Creating the industry's first automated solution for simulation-based training-StarTrainer
StarTrainer* was the first commercially available product designed specifically to meet the needs of the contact center industry. Although the use of speech was limited by the technology of the time, it created a market space and awareness that was original and unique and the focus of others, today.

StarPerformer is not a 'reinvention of StarTrainer. It is a speech-capable platform that can leverage the creative talents and energies of content developers to construct simulations that provide performance oriented experiences for interpersonal contact and task-focused training; and the development of ongoing personal support systems in order to increase the effectiveness of its users.
StarPerformer continues the tradition of practical innovation.
StarPerformer-a platform for success.
*StarTrainer is a trademark of Knowlagent