Advertech, Ltd. has been in business for over 22 years. Advertech's primary business is the design, development, marketing and sale of software products that serve the contact center marketplace.  Moreover, Advertech has had hands-on day to day technical management and operations responsibility which has contributed directly to the growth and success some of this countries largest and most successful contact centers.

This experience has allowed them to become adept at understanding the needs of contact centers, and responding to those needs with cost saving and revenue generating solutions. First, and foremost, is the need to make every contact count. The contact center agent, whether answering the phone, responding to e-mails or 'chatting' with a current or prospective customer, is in many instances the client's first or only customer facing representative. That agent is, at that moment, the most critical asset a company has.

This understanding and expertise has evolved into a suite of software products that reflect an awareness that the back-end performance of a call/contact center is driven by the effectiveness of its front-line agents; and that the ability to influence, track, and measure agent effectiveness should be under the direct and immediate control of those with financial responsibility for the bottom line.

Those products have been licensed by or in conjunction with Avaya, Aspect, DAVOX, Melita, EIS/SER and others.
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